Slot Game Overview: Stolen Treasures

Red Tiger, a software developer, is probably not renowned for stirring up controversy. The studio tends to focus on safe topics. Though there was Joe Exotic, Red Tiger games don’t usually make waves. There is a widespread belief, however, that artifacts from other nations are on display in several museums across the world. Some think the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum were stolen, while others insist they were given to the museum. Is Red Tiger making a message, or is Stolen Treasures just a clickable headline, given that the slot is based on a museum rife with priceless artifacts that have been stolen? Let’s dig around and see if we can find anything useful.

Scenes from Stolen Treasures take place in an ancient artifact-filled room, which may be a museum given the protective barriers around the exhibits, or it may just be the living room of a wealthy benefactor who has invited the public to view their collection. It’s quite a hodgepodge, too, with objects from all across the globe. The bonus game’s high-brow artifacts are matched with similarly cerebral classical music, with traces of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony sprinkled throughout. All of it is done with great finesse and a distinct Red Tiger vibe; close your eyes and you may even see yourself in the Wiener Musikverein, waiting to be serenaded by an old standard.

Forget about the realm of high art for a second and look at some numbers instead. To begin, Stolen Treasures has a return to player value of 95.72% and is a medium-high volatility slot. A relatively narrow range, characteristic of modern RT, of 10 p/c to £/€8 per spin is accepted, which is indicative of the game’s quite high winning potential.

While the main attraction of Stolen Treasures is the hold ‘n win feature, players may still win prizes by getting three or more identical symbols in a row starting on the rightmost reel. In addition, they need to fall within one of the 25 paylines that stretch throughout the game’s 5-reel, 4-row grid. Clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades have been employed for the low-paying symbols, while five other valuable-looking things have been used for the high-pays. A five-of-a-kind victory pays anywhere from 0.8x to 1.6x the wager, depending on the suit, and from 2x to 12x the wager, depending on the premium. Crown wilds exist on the reels, too, and they’ll stand in for any other symbol to help you win.

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Features in Stolen Treasures are kept to a minimum and are accessed via links on the treasure chest icons. The player is guaranteed to win as soon as two treasure chests appear anywhere on the reels. If you get three or more boxes on a spin, you’ll enter the Hold & Respin bonus round.

When 3, 4, or 5 boxes simultaneously activate the bonus round, you will receive 3, 4, or 5 respins, correspondingly. After revealing a reward amount, the triggering boxes remain fixed in place. During respins, I just get treasure chests or nothing at all. Each respin counter is reset when a box lands on an empty spot, revealing a value and locking into place. If a box hits on a spot that already contains one, it will double the disclosed reward by two, but it will not cause the number of spins to restart. If a game reaches full capacity, the remaining respins continue normally, and any winning boxes receive two times their normal payout. When the number of respins reaches zero, all of the rewards in play are given out. The grand reward is doubled if the screen is completely filled at the conclusion.

Judgment on the Slot Machine Gold Heist

Thankfully, Stolen Treasures alludes to the debates that arise about some artifacts housed in museums. Not having it makes Stolen Treasures a boring game. The main game is so stripped-down that it seems like you’ve stumbled into a part of a museum that’s undergoing renovation. The additional round is rather simple to implement technically. As you destroy boxes and earn rewards, you may cash them in at the end. It’s incredibly simple since there are no special symbols sneaking in to raise blood pressure and increase box values. The idea is to double your winnings by either filling all the empty spaces or landing on a box that already has a value on it. Not horrible concepts per se, but not exactly ground-breaking, can’t-miss stuff, either.

However, Stolen Treasures does a good job of living up to its name in terms of the probability of winning. It’s not stolen, but there is a lot of loot that may be yours if you play your cards well. With a full house of double going in the bonus game, Stolen Treasures may award you with up to 10,428 coins.Quadruple your money on the bet. We’ll never know why the development team spent so much time and money on Stolen Treasures.

So there you go. Players who enjoy exploring virtual museums while waiting for winning combinations may enjoy Stolen Treasures. No one will have to worry about their eyes or hearing hurting from playing this game because the images and audio are both high quality. However, if you’re looking for a little more excitement and variation in your hold ‘n wins, something that may perhaps leap into a bonus round and turn everything on its head, Stolen Treasures may fall short.